Food at The Mandala


The Mandala is primarily a bed and breakfast but we also do seafood and vegetarian bespoke meals for larger groups (5++) booked at least 48 hours in advance  (Rs. 2000 per person) as well as simple vegetarian Lunch Thaali (Rs 300 per person)

We're conscious eaters and cooks, and we are a conscious restaurant that likes to avoid wastage of food when there are millions starving on our planet. We hence request guests to book their lunch thalis in advance.

For bookings please call us !

+91-91582-66093 / +91-98115-00069 or email us at

We also a have a healthy delicious Juice Bar with all kinds of concoctions and smoothies, including shots of wheatgrass, turmeric, bittergourd, and ginger to give you the boost you need to enhance your perceptions of life, the universe and everything! Teas, herbals, coffee and beverages are also available. We also have a bar.



Our breakfast is wonderful , with a buffet of herbals and teas, coffee, eggs on order, brown rice coconut porridge, mandala-made muesli mix, mandala-made jam, fresh cut fruit, local organic honey, curd, milk and all sorts of specials.


A delicious and healthy breakfast buffet is complimentary with your room for all guests. Breakfast is served from 830 to 11 AM. In low season months (Oct, Nov, Feb and Mar) no breakfast available but  is served a-la-carte (also free of course.)

Lunch Thaali

We offer daily a simple and healthy Lunch Thaali (Platter) - consisting of rice or roti, dahi (curd), fire roasted poppadums

This must be booked in advance during breakfast so that we can prepare the right amount of food and avoid wastage of food !




Mandala Bespoke Meal cooked by our Master Chef/ Vegetarian/ Vegan Seafood (Booked up to 48 hrs in advance for groups of 5++ people) Rs. 2000 per person

When you book a Mandala 'Bespoke Meal' you will get a smorgasbord of  seafood, vegetarian and vegan dishes with fresh, seasonal, local produce being the keywords. 

The healthy and creative delicacies has been carefully compiled by the owner who has extensive culinary travel experience and seeks to combine flavours from around the world whilst maintaining a home cooked unpretentious approach. He has extensive experience cooking the largest compilation of vegan dishes that you will find here in North Goa.

Mandala's Ultimate Juice Bar


At the Mandala we know that juices are the absolute ultimate secret to wellbeing and a healthy life. We have an extensive juice menu, designed from local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also offered are healthy shots and potions from turmeric, ginger, wheatgrass as well as supplements such as spirulina, bramhi and aswagnadha. The juice bar is open all day and we also offer juice fasts for a complete cleanse of the body and mind.


Mandala Retreat Buffets

The Mandala has now built up a reputation of mouthwateringly delicious, and very healthy spreads for our Yoga retreats, which are a feast for all our senses. If you are a retreat organiser and wish to have your guests go absolutely gaga on good food, choose the Mandala.

“It has always struck me that the habits of humanity and their food have mostly been driven by the need for sophistication and rarely by our nutritious requirements to function at our optimum potential. Perhaps the most important change we can make in this trend is to consciously recognise that we are in fact what we eat and create our food with the love that our mind, body and spirit deserve by definition of being truly alive.” (Chef, Mister Mandala, Angus)

If you are interested in taking full advantage of all that The Mandala's culinary services have to offer, we highly recommend one of our detoxifying cleanse programs during your time here.